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The historic town of Hasami in Nagasaki prefecture is one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan. Hasami began crafting its porcelain ware almost 400 years ago during the Edo period.

Hasami porcelain was designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto whose vision was to integrate modern tableware design with the organic quality produced by traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques.

The charm of Hasami porcelain lies in the soft and comfortable texture that is carefully shaped with modern lines and aesthetics.

Hasami porcelain masters both multi-functionality and practicality in its design. Many of the products are versatile in function such as the lids, which can also be used as trays or as plates. The shapes and sizes of all mugs, bowls, lids and accessories are modular and made stackable for ease of serving and for efficient storage.

Hasami porcelain sets itself apart from the mass-produced, factory-made porcelain tableware found in other porcelain-producing regions around the world. Porcelain made in the Hasami village is original in the organic nature of its production and the unique character of each finished product.

Original Editions distributes Hasami porcelain throughout Australia as well as other Japanese brands and products. We founded Original Editions as a way to bring back some of the beautiful products and pieces we have come across in our travels.

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