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Tokyo Kodo Incense


Tokyo Kodo flagship incense series features fragrance techniques where East meets West. First Collection- our refined incense series that blends the western concoction of fragrances and Japan’s traditional way of aromatic incense. Fragrance is an invisible art. Each whiff of aroma is meticulously blended with consideration of the spatial movement of the evanescence, sprinkled with our heart and soul.

Chikako, of TOKYO-KODO, has created these beautiful incense to communicate the sweetness but also the strength inherent in the lotus blossom. This incense will nurture and accompany you as you ground yourself firmly in your day, ready to open up, invite, embrace, and blossom.

Your Lotus du Japon and Wisteria du Japon come to you in a bespoke metal tin containing fifty individual pieces.

Premium Japanese incense
Length: 70mm
Burn time: 16 minutes
Lotus Ingredients: sandalwood, lotus fragrance, fine natural wood powder
Wisteria Ingredients: sandalwood, wisteria fragrance, fine natural wood powder

Weight N/A
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Lotus du Japan, Wisteria du Japan


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