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Genuine Japanese Homeware & Hasami Porcelain
oe press buffet
August 2019    /  Buffet Digital

Here, Try This Thing: Hasami Block Mug

If there was ever such a thing as the mug of all mugs, cup of all cups, vessel of all vessels, well, children, I’ve found it. It’s Hasami Block Mugs.


This is a mug for more than coffee. This is a mug for life.

oe press soap
August 2019    /  Highly Enthused

Buy bars of soap instead of bottles of body wash

You’ll save on plastic. We’re itching to try these Japanese soap bars from Original Editions

oe press broadsheet
July 2019    /    Broadsheet

Original Editions Brings Japanese Designs to an Unexpected Inner-West Suburb

All the products in this new showroom are handmade in small batches and personally selected by the owners, a husband-and-wife graphic design duo.

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